Last Minute Beach Body In Just 4 Weeks


Has that mad panic set in yet? You know the one that happens about a week before you go away and you realise you are not ready at all. The week before I go away usually consists of mad rushing around shops buying ‘crucial’ items that I can’t live without, sees me go hard at training and I exfoliate, moisturiser and prep the body in a ritual that only occurs pre holiday.

Whilst I encourage lifestyle changes and not quick fixes, here are some tips towards a flatter belly, a perter bum and arms that do not have to be hidden under sleeves.

1) Move More – if you’re not already – aim for 30 mins 3x per week. Pencil these in at the start of the week and stick to them. If you’re jetting off in a matter of weeks, make it short stints of high intensity to shed excess weight. Add weights – lean muscle helps you burn more, even when you’re not exercising.

Everyone can find 10 minutes a day. Do these key exercises, working on as many reps as you can in 45 seconds and rest for 10 seconds, before moving on to the next exercise

  • Jacks – High knees – Burpees to burn calories
  • Squats & Lunges to lift the bum and tone the legs
  • Press ups, overhead press & bent over row – Say bye bye bingo wings, hello sculpted arms, shoulders and back
  • Plank & cross body mountain climbers for your flatter belly.


2) Get More Sleep – When you have less sleep, you experience a drop in Leptin, which controls your appetite, and an increase in the hormone that makes you crave food.

3) Eat & Drink Wisely – Ok ok, so these may be getting really obvious but it’s amazing how many people make excuses for what they are eating and drinking. Quite simply, eat fewer calories than you burn, cut out processed food and snack smarter. Think about calories in Vs calories out. Try removing all drinks that aren’t water from your diet in the run up to going away; This can cut your calories in half. Eat twice as many vegetables as other foods and get some oily fish in, as Omega 3 helps your body burn fat and gain muscle.

4) Scrub, Brush and Moisturise – I hear you ladies, “I don’t have time for all this”. Exfoliating your body with mits or wash, helps remove deadskin cells and prepare the body with a gorgeous glow. Brushing the back of the legs, bums and tums can really help shift stubborm cellulite by breaking down fat. Brush everyday to really notice a difference: It is so worth it. Moisturise to help the skin stay supple and of course make sure you’ve got a UVA/UVB broad spectrum suncream to protect the skin from sun damage and ageing.



These are all things that will help towards losing weight and getting a flatter belly at any time but done a few weeks before going away, it won’t be too late and you will really notice a difference. You will feel less sluggish, more energised and see your body start to adapt to small changes. Get into little disciplines every day now and see amazing results.

Whatever your age and size, everyone deserves to feel confident on the beach, in shorts in the heat and bearing all, down the little cobbled street.


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