5 Tips for Staying Healthy This Christmas


For clients and those who know me, I am mad about Christmas. I love everything about it – from cosy nights in front of the fire, mulled wine, to a girls night out with a bit of sparkle. Mooching around the shops (another love of mine) becomes so much more exciting when trying to find goodies for your loved ones.

With all the love I have for this time of year, It can play havoc with one’s health and fitness. If you have managed to get in to any sort of routine before December, by the end of November, we can already have slipped in to thinking “we’ll do it tomorrow” and “how could we possibly have time to continue our fitness routine with all the christmas goings on?”

Here are some tips to stay on track over December and not let the lbs sneak on. Keep in mind these simple disciplines to look and feel fantastic over these festive weeks.

Stay Active

It may be a really obvious one, but with all the temptations you will get over the month, it is crucial to stay as active as possible. If you are already doing exercise, have a trainer or going to the gym, be head strong and break exercise down into manageable chunks that work for you. Just 20 minutes is better than nothing.

Although you may not believe me – there is a big difference between being ‘busy’ and being ‘active’. Ensure you are doing physical activity that increases the heart rate. Feeling busy this time of year is inevitable but don’t confuse the two.



Keep Hydrated

It may be that December seems to be one party after another. Perhaps you love a cheeky mulled wine with those mince pies or some bubbles to celebrate this month. Whatever your drink of choice, be sure to keep as hydrated as you can, drinking at least 1.5 litres a day. This will help keep your skin glowing and minimise that slightly grey look we can get in the Winter.

Drinking water before meals will also help you feel full and reduce the amount we eat. Which leads me to my next point.

Indulge but not over Indulge

This may be like telling a child in a sweet shop that they are not allowed any sweets but I wanted to highlight how easy it can be to really over indulge unnecessarily. Of course we are going to enjoy more treats than usual and have to overcome alot more temptation this time of year. I’m not saying, don’t enjoy a mince pie. The key is to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are comfortable. If like me, you have family members that eat so much on christmas day that they have to undo their belts and lie on the floor for half an hour, you may think a little about the feeling of overeating and that it actually feels quite uncomfortable.


Get Your Beauty Sleep

You probably always hear about how important sleep is. If you want to survive the madness of late night shopping, sparkle at that christmas party or keep up with the kids, sleep is vital for those energy levels. Like hydration, sleep will help your skin glow and allow for all the repair that needs to be done within the body.

Love Your Kitchen

With all our celebrations through December, we must look after our bodies. This time of year, we can often be run down and start to feel groggy with cold and flu. Learn to love your kitchen this month and ensure you dose up on your vitamins and minerals.

Although we love going out, there’s nothing nicer than having friends and family over, cooking a delicious roast or meal full of seasonal veg’.



I hope everyone has a wonderful month and enjoys Christmas with loved ones. I hope you feel confident within yourseleves whatever your shape and size. With the tips above, everyone can sparkle this year for Christmas.


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